Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Medimojo is an digital solution to store, track, manage & access their health information anytime, anywhere & from any device. It's aggregates health information & provides insights for healthier disease free living.

Medimojo is useful to anyone who wants to take charge of their own health & their family’s health. The Program is to create personalized & participatory platform for health data management which provides outcomes which are more predictive & preventive with healthcare cost optimization.

Why Medimojo

In short you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. India has become the diabetic capital of the world, however the damage occurs mostly because people are unaware of their health conditions. Diabetese may just be representative & all other conditons like hpertension, cardiac problesm cause more damage due to they being undetected/undiagnosed till they become chronic & symptomatic.To avoid diseases conditions acquiring chronic proportion regular tests & monitoring the parameters have proven to be helpful in ealry prediction & prevention. Early detection facilitates better management which ensures less healthcare costs & disease free living.

Your health information is scattered across multiple providers and files. Keeping your own complete, updated and easily accessible health record means you can play a more active role in your healthcare. You wouldn’t write checks without keeping a check register. The same level of responsibility makes sense for your healthcare.
It can reduce or eliminate duplicate procedures or processes, which saves your time and money. And the information you gather gives you knowledge that assists your preparation for appointments.

Medical records are records having useful information for your future health.. Just like your banking, insurance, investment records in digital format helps you monitor & track them for ensuring financial health, digital health records help you in managing your health better. When you store your records with Medimojo, the data from those records are analysed which helps spot any chronic health risks early when chances of treatment are better & at much lower healthcare costs.The data is made available to you in easy to understand formats which helps in:

You Being more informed & have relevant discussions with your consultant.
Continuity of care when any change of doctor is needed.
Health related goals & monitored & adherence ensured for desired outcomes.
Manage prescription, medication adherence, appointment tracking for health services.

Sign-Up, Cost and Getting Started

Nothing, it’s free.

Since the service is cloud based, health records can be remotely uploaded, monitored & managed from any location without any geographic constraints.
The whole idea is to make health records be made accessible anytime from anywhere & any device, hence there is no geographic limitation.

Uploading of medical records can be done in two ways:

Scan the records and upload them on your Medimojo account.
Send a copy of your records with your name, date of birth, contact address and phone number to [email protected]

Congratulations !! You’ve taken your first step towards healthy disease free living. We extract all the data & information from your health records & build an easy to understand dashboard with formats which make monitoring the health conditions better.Every time you upload another health record, your parametres get updated on the dashboard with insights to manage the health better.

Surely you can. Please send a copy of your records with your name, date of birth, contact address and phone number to [email protected] .
We'll take care of the rest.

Cancellation and Privacy

We really believe that there is definite merit in our program & you would derive real great benefit with long term association. Nevertheless, we fully appreciate that you may have situations which require you to dissociate & we help you with that.

If you’d like to cancel your profile, you have options in your login details to delete select records or completely delete your profile.

Alternately you can send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line “Cancellation- Medimojo ID-xxxxxx” and with your name, date of birth, registered phone number and address and we will process your cancellation immediately.

We understand that your personal health is private, and we take that seriously. You can find out more by reading our privacy policies.

Family Management

With Medimojo, you can now manage not only your health, but also your family’s right from your own Medimojo profile. You can create separate profiles for your spouse or partners, as well as each of your parents, and children.

Imagine the convenience of keeping track of all your family’s medical history and staying informed about their next follow up all at one place. With your Family Care, family health record management is automated - Medimojo links your records to each of your family health records giving everyone a complete family medical history.

Verification code is an alphanumeric code generated to verify your mobile number / account as part of the registration process. The verification code expires after 15 minutes. Use “Resend Verification Code” to generate a new code in case of expiration.

If you’ve uploaded an incorrect document, you have an option to delete that upload yourself.
Alternatively,please mail us at [email protected] to delete.

On any given profile you can add a maximum of 5 family members.

This is a bit tricky, so just send us a mail at [email protected] and we will take care of the rest.

Yes, you can add up to 5 family members on a single email ID but there should be a unique phone number for each family member.

For any further queries, you can mail us at [email protected]
Talk to our Support Team +91 (852) 719 3363